Protein-Rich Foods:

Exploring Research Gaps in Translating Dietary Guidelines to Canadian

With the recent launch of the new Canada’s Food Guide (CFG) and supporting resources being developed by Health Canada, there is increased attention around the consumption of plant-based diets and the increased dialogue related to plant and animal-based proteins. In particular, consumers including Canadian families and food service providers that offer support for children (day cares, school lunch programs, cafeterias), are needing clarity and guidance on how to interpret recommendations.

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In light of this attention and need, The Helderleigh Foundation is pleased to partner with CNS to host a one-day workshop that will bring together leading experts to address topics such as protein quality, regulation/policy, food labelling, health implications, environmental sustainability, influence on economy, and regional impact. Workshop participants will reflect a balance of stakeholders that represent the nutrition sector:

  • Policy makers

  • Healthcare professionals, including those charged with the care of children

  • Agri-Food industry – agriculture, food product development, regulatory

  • Academia/researchers, Education professionals


An overall goal of this initiative is to bring clarity and understanding on how to best educate consumers (including young families and children) about what is meant by protein-rich foods.

The workshop will aim to achieve three key objectives:


  1. What do we already know, what evidence is currently available?

  2. What research gaps exist around these guiding principles and considerations?

  3. What is the suite of products, resources, tools that are needed by the various stakeholders to best educate consumers about what is meant by protein-rich foods?


The second phase of this initiative will be the creation of a suite of resources targeting various audiences including young families and children that aim to enhance understanding, awareness and education relating to protein-rich foods.  


The workshop will be held in Q3/Q4, 2019; with dissemination taking place later this year and following into 2020.

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