The Helderleigh Foundation is a member of Philanthropic Foundations Canada. As a member, we believe that public trust in our performance and behavior is reinforced through the integrity, transparency and honesty we demonstrate in all of our relationships, dealings and transactions. Our philanthropy is guided by the following values and principles:

  • Commitment to the public good

  • Commitment to accountability and good governance

  • Respect for grantees, partners and colleagues

  • Responsible stewardship of resources

  • Commitment to excellence

  • Embracing diversity, equity & inclusion

Investment Strategy

Its financial investments are aligned with its Purpose.


Its ethical investing screen prohibits positions in food enterprises that predominantly manufacture, distribute or sell foods considered to be of low nutrient value. For example, most snack food companies and fast food restaurant chains.


It invests for change, as a Limited Partner in venture capital funds such as Renewal Funds. These firms primarily invest in North American food and environmentally based companies that promote health and sustainability.


It seeks opportunities to deploy capital through provision of loans to Canadian social enterprises aligned with the Foundation’s Purpose.

Charity Efficiency

Expenses to operate the Foundation, inclusive of third party investment management fees, on average represent 10% of total costs.

Fund Raising Costs

The Helderleigh Foundation does not undertake any fundraising for its income generation nor does it raise money for others.