Growing Chefs! Ontario

In December 2019, The Helderleigh Foundation entered into a two year Project Partnership and Gift Agreement with Growing Chefs! Ontario to expand their Food Education Project and to collaborate with other content experts to enhance food literacy across Ontario. 

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About Growing Chefs! Ontario 

Growing Chefs! Ontario has a vision to build and maintain a healthy, empowered community that is engaged with our food system. For over eleven years it has been creating and providing impactful hands-on cooking and food literacy programming for schools, children, youth and families. It provides children with the confidence , knowledge and enthusiasm to grow and prepare good, healthy cuisine. Its projects have been offered in partnership with over 100 schools and dozens of communities organizations across London and area, reaching over 30,000 children and youths. GCO also runs a successful hot lunch program providing over 55,000 healthy lunches a year to its school and camp partners.


Andrew Fleet

Executive Director

Growing Chefs! Ontario is passionate about improving the quality and quantity of food literacy and food education programming across the province. We are pleased to partner with The Helderleigh Foundation, who are uniquely qualified with a network of like minded partners. Together, we aim to change the way children, youth, families and the greater community learn about and develop healthy relationships with food.

The School and Education Project

This hands-on experiential learning opportunity for children is designed to promote food literacy and understanding of food systems. Programs include field trips to the Headquarters facility, in school programming and family activity nights. The learning outcomes have been defined in partnership with the Thames Valley School Board curriculum development team, ensuring that it is grade appropriate with learning outcomes that can be easily measured by participating teachers.

About the Project Partnership

This Partnership has three major outcomes:

  1. To expand the annual reach of the GCO program from 6500 to more than 10,000 students in the London area.

  2. To work with THF partners and other food and education program providers across Ontario to improve the quality and quantity of food literacy and food education programming.

  3. To bring about operational efficiencies and increased capacity, leading to a more sustainable social enterprise model.