Guelph Family Health Study – Reduction of Food Waste and Improved Dietary Intake Among Families with Young Children

The Background: Household food waste is a multibillion-dollar challenge in Canada. Research shows that families with young children waste almost 5kg of food each week with the majority being fruits and vegetables. This is a concern given most Canadian children are not meeting recommendations for fruit and vegetable consumption. Food literacy has been broadly defined as understanding the impact of food choices on health, the environment and our economy. Low food literacy has been associated with increased household food waste and poor dietary intake.



The Food Innovation and Research Studio (FIRSt) and the Guelph Family Health Study (GHFS) team have completed the next instalment of their collaborations. This time the team tackled the “Reduction of Food Waste and Improved Dietary Intake Among Families with Young Children. The cookbook, “Rock What You’ve Got” aims to help increase consumption of fruits and vegetables while reducing food waste and enhancing food literacy.The cookbook has tips on grocery and meal planning, storage and over thirty “transformer”recipes to utilize recipes. This is the fifth instalment in a cookbook series that is available at Learn more about Guelph Family Health Study at

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