Hospice Niagara – Creative Caregivers

Through a variety of programs and services, Hospice Niagara exists to improve the quality of life for people living with life-limiting illness, dying, grief and loss. Healthcare professionals at Hospice Niagara wished to address a need experienced by many caregivers.

The goal? To create tasty recipes that can be easily prepared at home and provide sound nutrition during end-of-life. Working with George Brown College’s Food Innovation and Research Studio (First) the Creative Caregivers project provides twelve home use recipes that aim to help enhance the quality of life, provide adequate nutrition and provide a sense of control for both patients and their caregivers. Please read the responses of various patients here. Each recipe balances factors like drug interactions, ease of preparation, accessibility, affordability, and most importantly, palatability. The caregivers guide and e-cookbooks are available here.