In June, 2019 The Helderleigh Foundation entered into a three year agreement Ophea. It has been selected as the Foundation's primary delivery partner to directly and consistently reach Ontario schools, educators and students with healthy eating lesson plans and messages. A key advancement is the update of 48, K-8 grade lesson plans which support alignment with the provincial curriculum and Canada’s new Food Guide. The Agreement also supports an expansion of Ophea’s Healthy Eating Schools Certification Program, and in particular those schools that choose the healthy eating stream. 


Tammy Shubat

Director of Programs

We are pleased to implement The Helderleigh Foundation’s critical food literacy messages across Ontario, impacting up to 1.5 million elementary students, in 3,954 elementary schools schools and their connected communities.

Foundational to our work are two evidence-informed statements:

  1. When curriculum supports are effectively implemented, children and youth gain the knowledge and skill they need to lead healthy, active lives; and

  2. Children and youth are more likely to experience the lifelong benefits of healthy, active living if they are a part of a healthy school community.

As a result, all of Ophea’s work is founded in providing quality curriculum supports that build capacity and support and recognize schools in creating the enabling conditions for healthy school communities.


This partnership, enables Ophea to update its lesson plans, expand its Healthy Schools Certification program, undertake a Knowledge Mobilization strategy and an Evaluation program. This collaboration champions healthy, active living in schools and communities across Ontario.

Since the launch in September 2019 over 25,000 educators have downloaded the new lesson plans, having an impact on an estimated 800,000 students.

Learn here to find out what educators need to know when using information from Canada’s Food Guide in the classroom.