Princess Margaret Cancer Centre – Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Program – ELLICSR

EDIBLE – Eliminating Digestive Irregularities caused by Late Effects of Abdominopelvic Radiation

Pelvic radiotherapy is an important component in the treatment of both cervical and endometrial cancers. Survivors of both cancers may experience different severity of gastrointestinal (GI) irregularities. The Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship Program at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and it’s ELLICSR Kitchen team has initiated the EDIBLE program to fulfill a gap in the establishment of guidelines for nutritional management of GI side effects.

This is a feasibility study to determine the efficacy of dietary symptom self-management strategies for people who went through pelvic radiotherapy. This pilot will be used to inform the design of a larger randomized control trial. The intervention includes nutritional and culinary education, culinary skill building in the form of cooking classes and supplementary education in digital media.


The HNAF has provided funding in order to support program extension of this initiative; which not only allows more participants to benefit from the education component but also enables the ELLICSR research team to obtain more data on feasibility, acceptability and preliminary estimate of efficacy for such an intervention. 


The team aims to disseminate data of the research through academic publications and conference presentations. Upon study completion, recipes will be shared publicly via ELLICSR Kitchen’s YouTube Channel and the ELLICSR website.