Pulse Canada

The Helderleigh Foundation is pleased to join Pulse Canada and other funders to support a research study, that if successful, could lead to a change in the regulatory framework with Health Canada, permitting the pulse industry to post nutrient content claims on food packages.

Presently industry is not permitted to make any claims for plant based protein content such as being “an excellent source, a good source or a source of protein.”  The risk assessment study to determine the nutritional effects of increasing the proportion of plant based protein sources in the diets of Canadians was completed in late 2019. A supporting manuscript is expected to be published by mid 2020. Regular consumption and a shift towards a high proportion of plant based foods is a Guiding Principle of Health Canada and its new Food Guide. Eating more plant based foods is part of a plan to encourage Canadians to eat more fibre rich foods, reduce consumption of red meats and replace foods that contain mostly saturated fat with foods that contain mostly unsaturated fat. We believe this assessment will be the last scientific requirement ahead of Health Canada’s consideration to adopt this change in policy, a process that could take up to three years to implement.


For more information on the benefits of pulses, visit Pulse Canada.