Rainbow Plate 

In November, 2019, The Helderleigh Foundation extended its relationship with Rainbow Plate. Initially, through funding provided by the Foundation, Rainbow Plate was engaged by George Brown College, School of Early Childhood to incorporate children’s interest and knowledge in a range of fruits and vegetables as part of a regular teaching program. The Rainbow Food Explorers Educator Toolkit was used by all educators in GBC Lab School Child care centres working with toddlers, up to and including school aged children.


Janet Nezon

Founder & Program Director

Based on the success of this program,  a partnership Agreement, with The Helderleigh Foundation was signed, which will enable Rainbow Plate to engage more organizations. The goal is to impact at least 3,000 children with sensory-based food education in 2020.


We are thrilled to have The Helderleigh Foundation as our lead sponsor, supporting our shared vision of inspiring a healthy future for all Canadian children.

Rainbow Plate is a non-profit social enterprise with a mission is to foster food literacy through joyful, sensory-based food education. Its evidence-based approach uses rainbows of real food to spark children’s imaginations, change behaviour and cultivate lifelong healthy eating habits. Rainbow Plate crafts and delivers engaging content, fun, experiential training and practical resources to support educators, parents, caregivers and health professionals. Its main focus is working with educators and caregivers in Early Childhood Education settings.

The Program consists of two main components:

Rainbow Food Explorers Educator Toolkit
A vibrant, user-friendly and endlessly adaptable resource that captures all the ingredients in Rainbow Plate’s impactful approach and engaging programs. It’s packed with background information, supporting resources and hundreds of ideas for simple, joyful sensory food experiences that can instantly be put into practice in any early years setting. To find out more and order a copy, click here.

Experiential Educator Workshops

Fun, interactive workshops complement the Toolkit and support ECE’s in bringing this colourful program to life. Participants build strategies for weaving sensory food education throughout their early years program, and for making it accessible, relevant and positive for children and adults alike.